Express and logistics service to Malta... and beyond!!

Express Delivery Service


Using direct flights twice daily from Heathrow, we provide the fastest delivery service to Malta ensuring next day delivery of urgent documents and small parcels.

This service caters for fast delivery of documents, samples, spare parts, medicines, personal effects, cold store goods, computer goods, mobile phones etc.

Heavy boxes and out of gauge or oversize consignments handled.

For extremely urgent consignments we can deliver immediately from flight arrival whether it is outside normal business hours or at weekends.

Door to door service with tracking online. Export, import and cross trade services available.


We also deliver to other destinations, the whole world in fact.

Again, whether it’s an envelope of documents you need to get to the USA the next day, or a multi piece consignment of samples you need to ship to the Far East, we can handle it for you.

We use the services of DHL, FedEx, and UPS to offer you the reach of these global delivery giants at excellent reduced rates.

In addition, we have our special ME services for consignments which may be too large for integrator services or need extra special handling, for example delicate commodities or temperature controlled medicines.

Whatever it is you need to send, to anywhere in the world, we can handle it for you.


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